Brightex Synergizer is devoted to bringing the latest technology to India. It is a company set up specially by the Brightex Group to focus mainly on the India market and capitalize on the trends in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Through our parent company, we have a very extensive sales channel distribution in place and our products are available pan-India.


Extensive Distribution Network

We have a strong support of resources available for the brands we represent – multiple retail stores, service centres and a centrally headquartered office that helps us to distribute brands we represent in a very efficient manner. We are present in 450+ stores pan-India and the number grows every day

Technical Support

Not just initial distribution, but we strive towards after-sales service and deep customer connections and are proud to have year-on-year repeat customers who believe in our brands. Our service centres are manned and technically capable of handling the rare issues some of our products face and you can be ensured our customer representatives will always have a smile!

Marketing Activities

We support our principals in planning, formulating and executing of their marketing strategies. We have a professional and experience team to handle and execute our marketing plans and events.

Our Partners

We have partnered with key players in various industries who have well-established presence in their market sphere to give us the maximum reach of channels.


Brightex Synergizer is a collaboration between four people from different industries with the same vision; to distribute high quality goods throughout India. We have merged our experiences and contacts in the outdoor sports, photography and electronics industry to provide the best channel distribution available throughout India.

Ramakant Agrawal

He has 30+ years of distributing well-known camera and mobile phone brands throughout the world.

J P Agrawal

He has been one of the biggest contributors to a well-established presence of important brands in all of South India.

Mohan Lal Bishnoi

He is an expert in office administration and financial controlling and very very hardworking.

Raman Agrawal

He has over 15 years of distributing electronics in India and has excellent relationships with many prominent brands.


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